So what are Carica-toons?

They're a mixture of Caricatures and cartoons....... Hence Carica-toons. Great for when you wonder what you would potentially look like as a cartoon, whilst retaining a number of your very personal facial features.... Want to pose with your opposite film star or sports star in the same format?

Now you can!

Check out the gallery..... you may recognize someone!


One of Te Awamutu's Finest Volunteer Firefighters, Ngaia, approached me to complete a cartoon for her to print to a t-shirt for when she is competing in the Firefighters combat challenge..... one of the hardest, if not THE hardest physically challenging competitions on the planet.... if you're a firefighter?

Care to run up the Sky tower in Auckland New Zealand?

These guys do..... For fun!?!?!?!

So what would a Carica-Toon typically cost?

for a basic content then I would charge $400, printed on A4 plus posytage to wherever you are in the World. This image will also be emailed to you in the file format of choice (jpeg, png, psd)

For a single pencil Carica-toon on A4 and scanned jpeg that you can use anywhere then I charge $200 complete, plus postage to wherever you are in the World.

Additional ideas can be discussed for the bespoke image of your choice.