Stooey the Pooey Tui

"I was walking in the forest one day and I saw a bird, who liked to poop.... Ker-splat"!

"He was Stooey the Pooey Tui."

This is a book about a bird, who likes to poop, amongst other things....

Great little read to get the kids involved with learning and repeating

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All About Mai

Written By Corazon Ramos-Imbang

Cover by Hairytroll Designz


What do you do when you go back to school after having chicken pox and your celebrity crush suddenly waltzes in and turns out to be your new classmate?

A.) Turn tail and don’t return till your scars completely heal.
B.) Put a bag over your head and play mysterious.
C.) Pretend you’re invisible.
D.) Seek therapy from this traumatic experience.

It doesn’t help too, when you discover she’s planning to go to the Halloween Disco with whoever gives her the much coveted Taylor Swift bracelet from your local music shop. Dexter vows he is “the man” for the job. He concocts a plan so outrageous it’s effective but as always, fate has a funny way of twisting things just when you think everything is turning out the way you want them to be.


Doodle D. Dragon


Doodle D. Dragon is a dreamer and a painter and a sketcher, oh he’s an artist, and a good one.


But his Mum and Dad don’t agree thinking that his time is wasted, until one day an art dealer offers to sell his work. All of a sudden Doodle is rich and famous.


A children’s picture book with a rhyming tale showcasing the talents of one that believes enough to never give up on his dream.


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Loopy Lizard and the King's Pardon

A fun Children's picture book for preschoolers and kindergarten ages  4 to 8

When Loopy the Lizard is banished to the forest from the Kings Palace because of his bad smells he feels alone and lonely because he's so different.

Little does he know that when the King comes calling for help to run his car Loopy's 'special gift' is the only thing that will help him!

For the love of bottom humour, a wonderfully whimsical tale of Lizards, King's and farts!

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The Story so far

A short collection of some of my complete images all brought together in one book.


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Bug in the Dark

Written by Lee Kimber and Illustrated by Paul Elder 


A bug in the dark is sooo hungry and doesn't know how to find anything to eat. After watching other insects come and go she comes up with a very cunning plan!

Brilliantly animated characters and verse that children will love are set in real photographed locations in New Zealand's native forest.

Created for young children, the simple rhyme and fun words will have children interested and reading along. The story fosters awareness and appreciation of the natural environment in this young age group and the illustrations have the potential to generate discussion. Adults will enjoy it also....


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Stinky Dinky


Written By Sarah Ann Pon and Illustrated By Paul Elder
Wesley Dinky is a stinky boy who loves to fart! Need I say more... this is the perfect book for boys and girls who like stink bombs. But they should beware, lest the same fate of Stinky Dinky be cast upon them! Find out what happens as Stinky Dinky's stinky days become numbered..

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Harvey the Hedgie-pogg


Written By Sarah Ann Pon and Illustrated By Paul Elder

Introducing Harvey the Hedgie-Pogg, the son of the woodland hero. He's a little chap who likes to spend his days lazying in the sun and swimming in the river. Until one day, visitors come and cause trouble. He has to decide on what must be done. Enjoy reading about his adventure.
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