Completed Projects that I have worked on...

Family Connex (NZ)

Family Connex (NZ) is a newly esta blished community social service that is committed to providing excellent social work practice to families in the Waikato and Hauraki area.  As a service we believe that the only way to create change is through meaningful relationships.

No two families are the same.  Parenting styles are very unique from family to family.  There is no single right way to raise children as everyone views life differently.   

When children struggle to make sense of their world, their behaviour often reflects this.  We will empower parents to utilize the tools provided, to effectively redirect their children’s behaviour.

Our children are our future.  The development of their healthy bodies, and healthy minds will help them to discover their world, with the support of their parents.

Meet 'Vippy' The fun Cartoon Character for

I was commissioned to illustrate the goats head within the centre of the poster.


I'm biased but I think the touch of realism mixed with human eyes works really well. A film by Wangawood soon to be released based on the following events:

Extract from Wikipedia.

In 1989 regional council boundaries were redrawn, with an emphasis on connected catchments. These revised maps made Whangamomona part of the Manawatu-Wanganui Region. Residents objected, as they wanted to continue being part of the Taranaki Region, and on 1 November 1989, they responded by declaring themselves the "Republic of Whangamomona" at the first Republic Day. Though the move began as a pointed protest, the town continued to hold a celebratory Republic Day once a year, during which a vote for President was held. The day has become a local festival day, and attracts visitors from throughout the North Island. In 2001, the celebration became biennial, held in January to take advantage of the summer weather.

Billy Gumboot the Goat (1999–2001)
First elected animal. He won election by eating the other challengers ballots. He died in office after serving for 18 months.






First in a potential series of base level maps completed for the i-site in Cambridge Waikato.

The map is a simple image for which multiple events can be overlaid, this will potentially be a cost saving exercise for the i-site as yearly events can be planned and added to the inventory of maps held. This will make it easier for the client to print up a map as and when required for specific and 'one off' events in the area.